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Today we are really happy to announce that our this system of payment acceptance through internet has widely been appreciated and accepted by Indian manufacturers, traders, industries and the response is very-very over whelming. We assure for good value and quality products, services for our valued customers. We are proud to associate with Softbit technology , who has introduced the Most economical Payment Gateway System 1st time in India.


Conducting business and treating clients, employees and business partners, in a fair and honest manner.

Major Credit Cards Accepted




MasterCard International is a global payments company with one of the most recognized and respected brands in the world. With 32 million acceptance locations, no payment card is more widely accepted globally than MasterCard.




The world's most preferred card. There are more than one billion cards in circulation, with unsurpassed acceptance in more than 150 countries. Visa-branded cards generate US$2.4 trillion in annual card sales volume. Nearly half of this in US alone.


American Express:


The world's favorite card. More than 57 million cards in circulation and growing! Around US $ 123 billion was spent last year through American Express Cards and it is poised to be the world's No. 1 card in the near future.


Diners Club International :


The world's No. 1 Charge Card. Diners Club cardholders reside all over the world and the Diners Card is an old corporate favorite. There are more than 8 million Diners Club cardholders.


JCB Cards:


The JCB Card has a merchant network of 10.93 million spanning 189 countries. It is supported by more than 320 financial institutions worldwide and serves more than 48 million cardholders in 18 countries.


Citibank E-Cards:


The new initiative of Citibank, launched to promote safe and secure E-shopping.


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