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 Register Your Domain Name 

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A domain name is your unique name on the world wide web. Each site on the web is identified by a unique address akin to your registered business name. There are a number of domain choices available, the most common being '.com'.

The other popularly used domains are '.net' and '.org'. You also have choice of using your country specific domains like for USA; for U.K. and others. We can register a domain, .net, .org) for USD 15.00 p.a. You can also book country specific domain names.

It would be ideal, if your domain name could be guessed from your company name, however, in your search you may not find it available. Should you give up? NO! The answer is "get creative".

One-day mission

Always research Domain Names, the same day you are planning on purchasing. It is probably safe to say that a new domain name is purchased every second of the day, therefore, if a domain name is available today, it does not mean it will be available tomorrow or even later on that same day.

Keep the domain name as short as possible

Owning a short domain name has its advantages. It's easy to fit into logos, makes a better brand, it is harder to misspell and it is easier to type as an email and on a browser.

A good domain name is unforgettable

Everyone remembers generic names, such as and; even more original names such as and Why? They are short. Other companies have combined words together in their Domain Names and they have been successful.
If you are seriously planning on creating a web site for your business, you need to consider purchasing a Domain Name, unless you have already done so. However, before you begin this process, you need to determine if your business name will depend on the Domain Name you find and choose. In other words, will your business practices be conducted primarily online?